About the event

We are here to build a better way

The Walking Together in Partnership Conference, gathers local organisations from around the world, who believe local potential is the answer.

But this week does far more than just gathering people. It gathers experience and expertise.

It provides a space for us to together learn, share, and grow as we rethink the traditional poverty-alleviation model.

Being here together accelerates our thinking and practice: If you and I each have a pen, and exchange these, we each still have one pen. But, if we both bring an idea, and exchange them, we both go away with two ideas.

Together we'll build a better way!

There is one driving seat on a taxi-bike. And one passenger seat. The person who steers has power. But partnership is not about power. Instead, we reflect the communities voice, over our own, and over the donor's. Only then can we walk in partnership.

A local partner and conference attendee

I am excitedly looking forward to getting ‘up close and personal’ with all our amazing partners about whom I hear such great things from our skilled, dedicated and hard working staff. I want to record my thanks, in anticipation to our hosts and organisers in Malawi and the UK, together with our speakers and facilitators for putting this conference together. I am convinced it will be a powerful learning and development experience for us all. I pray that we will be inspired by the experience and that the relationships we are developing will be so strengthened and enriched that our shared commitment to walking together in partnership, becomes as a beacon in our sector.

Linbert Spencer
Chair of All We Can and YCare International Trustee Board

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